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Basic Info
Name WAX
Symbol WAX
Founding Date
Block Height 0
Block Time 0 sec
Price $0.03661
Supply 937,634,822
Market Cap $34,454,783
Daily Volume $272,842
Hash Algorithm None
Block Reward 0.00
Network Hashrate 0
Difficulty 0
Cryptocurrency Exchange Rate Converter
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Exchange Pairs

Exchange Pair Price Exchange rate BTC Price Volume Last Updated
Bitfinex waxbtc $0.04 0.00001 0.00001 $1,214.23 1 min ago
HitBTC WAXBTC $0.04 0.00001 0.00001 $1,169.95 Just now
Bitfinex waxeth $0.04 0.00031 0.00001 $136.39 1 min ago
HitBTC WAXETH $0.04 0.00031 0.00001 $113.74 Just now
Bittrex ETH-WAX $0.04 0.00031 0.00001 $0.81 1 min ago
Bittrex BTC-WAX $0.04 0.00001 0.00001 $0.71 1 min ago
Bitfinex waxusd $0.00 0.03620 0.00001 $0.00 Over 10 min ago
WAX Exchange Rates
Currency 1 WAX = Pairing
Australian Dollar 0.05134 Convert WAX to Australian Dollar
Brazilian Real 0.13742 Convert WAX to Brazilian Real
British Pound 0.02837 Convert WAX to British Pound
Bulgarian Lev 0.06306 Convert WAX to Bulgarian Lev
Canadian Dollar 0.04877 Convert WAX to Canadian Dollar
Chinese Renminbi Yuan 0.24922 Convert WAX to Chinese Renminbi Yuan
Croatian Kuna 0.23943 Convert WAX to Croatian Kuna
Czech Koruna 0.82575 Convert WAX to Czech Koruna
Danish Krone 0.24074 Convert WAX to Danish Krone
Euro 0.03224 Convert WAX to Euro
Hong Kong Dollar 0.28723 Convert WAX to Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian Forint 10.25187 Convert WAX to Hungarian Forint
Icelandic Króna 4.41696 Convert WAX to Icelandic Króna
Indian Rupee 2.61297 Convert WAX to Indian Rupee
Indonesian Rupiah 521.01293 Convert WAX to Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli New Sheqel 0.13511 Convert WAX to Israeli New Sheqel
Japanese Yen 4.00589 Convert WAX to Japanese Yen
Malaysian Ringgit 0.15141 Convert WAX to Malaysian Ringgit
Mexican Peso 0.70220 Convert WAX to Mexican Peso
New Zealand Dollar 0.05444 Convert WAX to New Zealand Dollar
Norwegian Krone 0.31476 Convert WAX to Norwegian Krone
Philippine Peso 1.93624 Convert WAX to Philippine Peso
Polish Złoty 0.13808 Convert WAX to Polish Złoty
Romanian Leu 0.15247 Convert WAX to Romanian Leu
Russian Ruble 2.43234 Convert WAX to Russian Ruble
Singapore Dollar 0.04982 Convert WAX to Singapore Dollar
South African Rand 0.50848 Convert WAX to South African Rand
South Korean Won 41.42176 Convert WAX to South Korean Won
Swedish Krona 0.33059 Convert WAX to Swedish Krona
Swiss Franc 0.03652 Convert WAX to Swiss Franc
Thai Baht 1.16479 Convert WAX to Thai Baht
Turkish Lira 0.19586 Convert WAX to Turkish Lira
United States Dollar 0.03661 Convert WAX to United States Dollar