We ♥ crypto and we hope you do too!

About Us
We are four developers who were looking for a good way to stay up to date on our favorite cryptocurrencies. We didn't find what we were looking for so we decided to make it ourselves! When we finished our new homepage, we decided to keep going and make more tools. CRPTO.SPACE is the collection of tools we built for us to use every day.

While we started making tools for our own use, at some point we started making them for the world. We hope you love our cryptocurrency tools as much as we do. If you do love them, consider supporting us by buying one of our products. Your contributions help us make new tools for the cryptocurrency community!

Set Us As Your Homepage
Our Homepage is designed to be the first thing you see when you open your browser. It works well on mobile devices too. You can also visit your homepage by clicking the home button home of your browser.

Here's how you can setup CRPTO.SPACE on your browser.

Google Chrome chrome
Go to the top of the browser right after the address bar, click on the menu button menu > Settings > Appearance. Toggle the button to show the homepage button on the browser. Enter crpto.space in the text field and it will save automatically.

Firefox firefox
Go to the address bar of the browser then type crpto.space, then drag the information icon information beside the address to the homepage button homepage right beside the reload icon reload.

Safari safari
Go to Safari > Preferences > General. Under the Homepage text field, enter crpto.space and it will be save automatically.

Internet Explorer internet-explorer
Go to the top of the page, select the Tools button tools then select Internet options. On the General, under Home page, type in crpto.space. Click Apply, then OK.

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